Swedish Relax Massage

AED 725 60 mins
AED 1 125 90 mins

The Swedish relax massage is the world’s most widely practiced massage treatment, and for the right reasons. While specialist massage treatments focus only on one or two specific areas, the Swedish massage is designed to target every muscle and joint in your body. The basic movement used in this massage is long, deep, gliding strokes that start and end close to the heart. Apart from this, a trained therapist will also adopt techniques such as squeezing, friction, percussion, and vibration to provide a thorough relaxation to the entire body. A Swedish relax massage session can not only soothe and eradicate muscular pain, but it can also help relieve mental stress.

In addition to those that have already been listed, Swedish relaxation massage also offers several other benefits. For instance, it has been proven to increase blood flow and also helps to remove toxins at a higher pace. Secondly, this massage can help to inhibit the secretion of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. At European Spa, we only use the highest quality products and employ certified masseuses to enhance your massage experience. Our Swedish relax massage packages in Dubai starts from AED 550 per 60-minutes to AED 800 for a 90-minute session. Before undertaking the massage, be sure to discuss your needs and preferences with our therapist. We’ll tailor a treatment session according to your specific needs and on the whole, offer a package that is perfectly suited to you. To know more about our service or to book your massage, reach out to us on +971-58-213-4017.

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