Six Hands Massage

AED 2 500 60 min
AED 3 498 90 min

Our day to day tasks comes with numerous demands, necessitating the need for an unwinding session, every now and then. While a massage treatment with one therapist is beneficial, opting for a Six Hands Massage can prove to a truly invigorating experience. With three trained therapist working on you at the same time, this massage offers deeper relaxation and more so works as a stress antidote. Unlike a typical massage session where you might unconsciously follow the movement of the masseuse, in six hands massage it is physically impossible for the mind to keep track of the movements and will force to you let go. The massage also has been proven to flush toxins from your body and creates a harmonized energy and make you feel completely fresh. If you wish to experience, this exotic massage treatment first-hand, give us a call to book an appointment.

About the Massage

  • When your body is in completely relaxed mode, your muscles tend to become more pliable, making it easier for your therapist to work on your muscles and release knots.
  • Don’t be under the impression that the massage will be shorter than a traditional massage. You may have three therapists, but the time taken is equal to a regular massage treatment.
  • As mentioned, the massage requires the services of three professional and well-trained therapists in one session. It is definitely worth every penny spent.
  • A six hands massage demands very high skills. It is mandatory for all three therapists to stay in sync with each other’s movements. They should possess the ability to deliver utmost quality without disturbing the client.

Benefits of A Six Hands Massage?

The massage has seen a lot of popularity in recent times. If you are still hesitant to make a decision, we’ve listed below some of the key benefits associated with this massage:

  • It helps to provide relief to chronic pain;
  • It enhances blood circulation in the body;
  • The choreographed technique brings in deeper relaxation;
  • It offers a fulfilling experience to the body and mind;
  • It helps in realigning the muscles.

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