Mani Pedi and Feet Cleansing

Mani Pedi and Feet Cleansing - photo 1
Mani Pedi and Feet Cleansing - photo 2
AED 475

Give your hands and feet the attention it deserves with our comprehensive mani-pedi and feet cleansing spa packages. As suggested by its name, it includes three distinct spa procedures, namely manicure, pedicure, and feet cleansing. While manicure and pedicure are more so beauty treatments, feet cleansing is done to free your feet from dead skin cells and soften your skin. During our therapy session, a trained groomer will first rub-down and cleanse your feet with high-quality scented oils. While it may sound simple enough, our therapist will moisten and rejuvenate your feet using a unique combination of water and essential oils. Additionally, it also helps to soften the toenails, which makes it easier for finer clipping, shaping, and pedicure procedures. By undergoing regular mani-pedi and feet cleansing treatment, one can free themselves from the discomfort that they might feel while walking, running, or playing sports.

At European Spa, we are proud of our reputation as one of the premier mani-pedi and feet cleansing centers in Dubai. It is a result of the expertise of our staff and their commitment to providing customers with effective treatments in line with their unique needs and desires. Furthermore, clients can also enjoy a heightened level of privacy at our clinic. Despite the unrelenting demand for our high-quality services, it is our mission to offer the most competitive prices in Dubai. It allows us to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to experience the joy of a luxury spa day. For just AED 550, you can enjoy a mani-pedi and feet cleansing at European Spa. To know more in detail about our service, contact our team by dialing +971-58-213-4019.

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