Facial Massage

AED 525 35 mins

A facial massage is a simple yet effective means of achieving total relaxation even during periods of intense stress. Although it focuses on only one area of the body, it has many of the same benefits of a traditional Swedish or deep tissue massage. For example, a facial massage can improve blood circulation, aid lymph drainage, and alleviate migraines. Additionally, a facial massage also has the benefit of being an effective anti-aging treatment. When performed by a professional, a facial massage can help to reduce wrinkles, crow's feet, and laughter lines. For a thoroughly relaxing and effective facial massage in Dubai, contact European Spa!

As one of the foremost luxury massage centers in the Emirate, we boast a team of highly skilled masseuses and state-of-the-art facilities. Each of our massage therapists is professionally trained and has perfected and pioneered facial massage techniques throughout their decades of experience. We complement our massage treatments with the use of high-quality products sourced from trusted vendors within the UAE. Before the session, let your masseuse know about any impending health issues and what you wish to achieve through this treatment.

Arguably, one of the biggest perks of opting for a facial massage is that it is one of the more affordable luxury massage services we have on offer. A customer can book a facial massage at our clinic for a price of just AED 365. If you are searching for a way to de-stress on a budget, then schedule an appointment with European Spa today!

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