Deep Tissue Massage

AED 850 60 mins
AED 1 125 90 mins

The technique used in a deep tissue massage more or less mimics those used in a Swedish massage. However, here, the movements are performed slower and with higher pressure, generally focusing on specific areas as opposed to the entire body. As such, a deep tissue massage helps to treat conditions that an ordinary Swedish massage cannot. Two of the most commonly known benefits of a deep tissue massage include relief from chronic joint and muscular pain. For this reason, we often recommend this massage therapy to athletes who suffer from frequent muscle aches.

When preparing for a deep tissue massage, it is essential to remember that your masseuse will complement their hand-based techniques with their elbows, forearms, fingertips, and knuckles. Yes, it may cause a certain degree of pain, but usually, it subsides within a few hours following your massage. Secondly, we sure to let our therapists know if you have any injuries or other sensitivities before the start of the treatment. Not only will it help to avoid any unforeseen incidents, but it also allows us to you offer a more customized treatment package.

At European Spa, we offer some of the most affordable luxury massage treatment packages in Dubai. A 60-minute deep tissue massage in our spa can be available for prices starting from AED 630. Alternatively, customers can also opt for a 90-minute session, which is priced at AED 950. Apart from our modest rates, we guarantee a unique experience in a pristine and serene environment. Begin a pain-free life by scheduling your deep tissue massage with European Spa today.