Bamboo Massage

AED 750 60 min
AED 1 125 90 min

Are you seeking a massage treatment that offers therapeutic, physiological, and psychological benefits? Then, why not opt for a Bamboo Massage? As an innovative and exotic massage technique, it makes use of bamboo rolls that has been heated to specific temperature and is rolled and kneaded in the muscles. The massage therapy is a widely recommended treatment technique that is proven to provide deep relaxation and stress relief to the participant. It also helps in alleviating several physical issues such as muscle and joint pain. If you are on the lookout for an authentic bamboo massage therapy in Dubai, reach out us today and book your appointment.

Why Opt for a Bamboo Massage in Dubai?

Release Pain

The massage works in numerous ways to lower physical pain in your body. Heated bamboo sticks help to release knots and tightness formed in the muscles. It also helps to release opiate-like sensation in the brain, dulling the intensity of pain.

Improved Flexibility

If you are suffering from stiff or sore muscles and pain in your joints, then bamboo massage is for you. These heated stalks improve fluidity in the tissues, further improving flexibility.

Combats Insomnia

As we all know, sleep plays a vital role in our overall wellness. Now you can put an end to your involuntary nocturnal mode with a bamboo massage. It increases productivity, and you are less prone to heart-related problems.

Releases Toxins

The accumulation of toxins in the tissues and muscles of your body interferes with your natural balance. It causes muscle aches, poor memory, headaches, weak digestive system, fatigue, and vertigo, among other adverse effects - the techniques used in bamboo massage aids in eliminating these toxins.

Enhanced Blood Circulation

It is vital to have a smooth flow of blood in your body. It keeps you healthy from within and ensures every organ is functioning well. If the blood circulation is weak, you could be a victim of unwanted complications.

Improved Immune System

If you have been under stress, depression, or anxiety for a prolonged period, your immune system tends to feel weak. The bamboo massage boosts the immune system, increasing the lymphatics in the body.

Bamboo Massage – Lesser Known Facts

It is believed by many that this massage treatment is very much alike to a hot stone massage session. The extra time and preparation are what sets them apart from each other. Otherwise, this also brings in the same soothing and warm effect as a hot stone massage. It is said that these bamboo sticks retain the heat for a longer time as opposed to the basalt rock stones. To warm up these bamboo stalks, typically they are wrapped in a heating sheet.

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