The Effect of a Full Body Massage on Five Vital Body Parts

The effect of a full body massage

Have you ever noticed when you go for a massage, most therapists will pay more attention to massaging, mainly your shoulders, back, and neck? The primary reason behind it is, the muscles in these regions tend to get stiff over time, either due to stress or poor sitting posture. As such, excellent massage therapy can aid in bringing relief. That being said, we often fail to consider other parts of our body, where if massaged correctly, it could help relax and calm our entire body. Try a full body massage as it focuses on these essential parts of your body, and you also enjoy the calmness and benefits it brings.

Ear Massage

We all know that hearing is one of the five essential senses. But, did you know your ears have reflex points? When the ears are massaged on these reflex points, it assists to impede mental stress and has multiple beneficial effects on the body as well. When your therapist massages your ear, it helps you get rid of headaches, calms your body, and reduce stress tremendously.

Wrist Massage

Our hands and their abilities are the most complex part of the human body. We often tend to underestimate the capabilities of the wrist, hands, and fingers, especially the acute pressure points that exist below the wrist. Long working hours spent at our laptops, desktop, or phones take a toll on both our wrists and fingers. There are several massage techniques, such as finger movements, holding your wrist, and stretching your wrist, among others. All of it helps in releasing the tension stored in the muscles.

Thumb Massage

We use our hands on a daily basis to perform various tasks. Our thumbs play a vital role in providing versatility and functionality to our hands. Without our thumb, which alone has eight muscles, we cannot even do a simple grip or grasp any object. Our fingers are linked to our body by millions of nerve receptors and can act as good indicators of our overall health. A simple thumb massage by a therapist helps in alleviating stress and release tension from your body.

Diaphragm Massage

In addition to your diaphragm, there are muscles in your chest, neck, and ribs that also help in breathing. Since a significant amount of tension is accumulated in your neck, chest, and shoulders, there is no surprise as to why breathing becomes restricted when we’re stressed. As you immerse and let loose during the massage session, your breathing evens out. It further allows your therapist to work into those muscles that help in respiration.

Diaphragm massage in European Spa

Gut Massage

Science has recognized the connection between a healthy gut and its benefits of proper digestion. It also recommends the massaging of our stomachs as it’s a beneficial activity for healthy digestion. Did you know a simple massage technique of rubbing your belly can contribute to better sleeping patterns and relieve the stress between the abdomen and hip flexors? As such, a gut massage is a vital part of any full body massage, especially in Dubai, as most individuals don’t exercise or move their bodies as often as they should. 

In Conclusion

Our sedentary lifestyles result in us not being as active as we must be. We end up spending most of our precious time crouching at our desks or on our comfy couch for long hours together. It is vital to get a full body massage done to ensure all your organs are functioning well.